Entabeni Eco Village

Entabeni is the swati expression for

“in the mountains”

…it describes the land we are living in and the people caring for it



We believe in the spirit of Ubuntu. “Ubuntu” is an African expression of ancient wisdom, which is echoed by all ancient civilizations. It simply means “unity within community” where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the greater benefit of all.



Our greatest vision is to create holistically thriving, sustainable eco community in rural Mpumalanga, building educational and healing centre, with living working organic farm and food forest demonstration site, offering permaculture, plant medicine and natural building courses, mindfully restoring and supporting diverse and natural ecosystems and facilitating Indigenous healing retreats, as well as Eastern integrative practices and therapies and Creative Art Workshops within our and in surrounding rural communities.



We aim to provide the community with permaculture design courses, ecovillage design education, natural building courses, youth camps and international exchange programs.



Moving towards self-sufficiency and food independence, supporting local organic agriculture, we believe that organic farming practices will build the capacity of local people to make positive change and become stewards of their land and environment, to bring hope and livelihood back to the people

Our mission is to ensure food sovereignty, peaceful relations and ethical business while empowering small scale farmers and youth, co- creating culturally and spiritually rich environments for personal and planetary healing, therefore creating thriving and sustainable communities.

who we are

our people

  • “How I came to ENTABENI” by Lucky

    Our project had it’s genesis back in 2006 when I attended a Vipassana Meditation course (Dhamma Pataka). It was there I met Ole, Vipassana teacher and co-founder of Khula Dhamma Eco-Village at Eastern Cape, who was looking for like-minded people to pioneer and co-create and intentional sustainable community. With the intention of creating a better…

  • “How I came to Entabeni” by Katu

    As a young girl growing up in Czechoslovakia, I was introduced to and worked with plantmedicine thanks to my grandmother who passed her knowledge on to me. Together we would collect the plants in the fields, dry and store them and later use them for teas, syrups, sit baths and various other remedies. I have…

  • On sustainability and the economic empowerment of local farmers

    Today within rural communities in South Africa we face challenges as malnutrition, unemployment and practices of environmentaly unsound agricultural methods. What can be done? And what initiative can we take to create positive change in our immediate environment in this post COVID 19 era? “We need to grow nutritious organic food”.Its one of the most…

  • Supporting small scale farmers

    Skip to content EntabeniEco VillageSearch for… EntabeniEco Village Supporting small scale farmers The role of small-scale farmers in ensuring food security and sustainable rural development in Africa is becoming more crucial as the world faces increasing climate change challenges and worldwide pandemic. Rural small scale farmers are faced with a variety of challenges, which include…

  • We want to move the mountains

    Skip to content EntabeniEco VillageSearch for… EntabeniEco Village We want to move the mountains We are looking forward to invite more volunteers to help and enjoy the work  in the land with us. To do that, we need to build more accomodation structures for them. Since we are blessed with a beautiful hill shape land,…

  • We are going to extend our yard

    Skip to content EntabeniEco VillageSearch for… EntabeniEco Village We are going to extend our yard Recently we were able to level almost the whole area  intended to be used for the volunteer structures  and succesfully set up first two safari tents. Now, after being able to fully see the new space and following our vision…

  • Can awareness and renewed creativity save Mother Earth?

    What is going on in the sky right now from the astrology point of view and how is it affecting us all? The blue full moon taking place on October 31st 2020 in Taurus and conjunction with planet Uranus is urging as to step out of the comfort zone, think out of the box and…

  • Supporting local families in need

    EntabeniEco VillageSearch for… EntabeniEco Village Supporting local families in need Lockdown in rural South Africa due to COVID-19 worldwide pandemic have had negative impact on many local households, particularly on single mothers households and orphants homes. Food insecurities and impoverishment has been rising from loss of income, contributing to malnutrition. Lack of social services, restricted movement…

  • Natural Building in Khula Dhamma

    My name is Lucky Kekana and I run a project making natural buildings in South Africa, using traditional methods blended with modern sustainable techniques. For my buildings I use wattle tree posts for the structure. You can see in my first picture me peeling the bark off the trees, boiling it down and repainting the…

  • We need your support to continue with our work

    As many of you, we are facing challenging situation in rural communities within South Africa due to what is happening in the world at the moment. Before the pandemic started early on this year, we were already challenged by high rate of unemployment, substance abuse and teenage pregnancies within our and surrounding communities. Currently food…