Our mission is to ensure food sovereignty, peaceful relations and ethical business while empowering small scale farmers and youth, co- creating culturally and spiritually rich environment for  personal and planetary healing, therefore creating thriving and sustainable communities.

Our greatest vision is to create holistically thriving, sustainable eco community in rural Mpumalanga, building educational and healing centre with living working organic farm and food forest demonstration site, offering permaculture, plant medicine and natural building courses, mindfully supporting and restoring diverse and natural ecosystems and facilitating Indigenous healing retreats, as well as eastern integrative practices and therapies and Creative Art Workshops within our and in surrounding rural communities.   


Our organisation’s main focus is on educating and empowering small scale farmers and rural youth within our and in surrounding communities in rural Mpumalanga area. We offer practical skills and solutions to live more sustainably, mindfully and holistically in todays climate change threatened world.   

Our main objectives are:

▪︎Food Security and Sustainable Environmental Practices

– to design and actively participate in    building water and energy infrastructure systems, creating integrative local food production, rebuilding and restoring ecological settlements in rural areas while preserving and restoring natural ecosystems.

– our skills are and we put emphasis on teaching and hosting educational programs and permaculture courses, and natural building courses, Eco Village Design Education (EDE), youth camps, life skills programs and gender reconciliation.

▪︎Healing Retreats and Programs

– offering healing programs and Retreats for people in need to assure more happiness, motivation and thriving within the community and beyond. Helping people affected by addiction, poverty, malnutrition and sickness as HIV and Tuberculosis.

– hosting Indigenous healing Retreats, Vision Quests and Creative Art workshops and seasonal community celebration

▪︎Continental and Global Culture Activism

– to collaborate with organisations across Africa and globally , working with ambassadors who are activating, cultivating and documenting our cultural heritage.