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Supporting small scale farmers

  • by katu
  • February 15, 2021February 18, 2021

The role of small-scale farmers in ensuring food security and sustainable rural development in Africa is becoming more crucial as the world faces increasing climate change challenges and worldwide pandemic.

Rural small scale farmers are faced with a variety of challenges, which include lack of quality infrastructure, lack of transport and availability of markets, limited education, pests and crop diseases, old age and lack of good cell phone network connections. And yet organic small scale farmers are the key for the resilient food system. They play important part of a brighter post–COVID-19 world!

Mango season is here and we are called again for action as our focus is on building healthy thriving communities.

Even though last years frost and cold weather in our area demaged some of the mango trees, we were still able to collect many from local farmers and more from other farmers in our region and transport them to quality stores and available markets.

Support the movement by bying organic produce at your local market. The time is now!

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