On sustainability and the economic empowerment of local farmers

  • by katu
  • February 24, 2021

Today within rural communities in South Africa we face challenges as malnutrition, unemployment and practices of environmentaly unsound agricultural methods. What can be done? And what initiative can we take to create positive change in our immediate environment in this post COVID 19 era?

“We need to grow nutritious organic food”.Its one of the most essential thing we need in life, next to clean drinking water. It sustains our bodies , maintain healthy body and mind functions and help us to become more immune to increasing environmental pollution. If we consume variety of different nutritionally dense fruits, vegetables and legumes we stay healthy and fit and our immune system becomes stronger (that will increase quality of life and extend life span of those suffering with HIV Aids and tuberculosis). By growing fresh organic vegetable produce and selling it at local and regional farmers markets, we improve local economy and livelihoods of many rural farmers.

Currently we are helping small scale farmers in the neighboring village by developing and overseeing 5 hectares of organic food production site, which is conveniently located right next to the local river. Our goal is to grow corn, cabbage, carrots, beans and tomatoes and continually keep adding variety of indigenous african vegetables and nuts as Umjumbula, Bhatata, Emathaphi, Tindlubu, Emantongomane etc.
We focus not only on food security and economic empowerment of local farmers but as well on taking tradition and culture back to african people.

In order for us to succeed, we will need to install water pipes, irrigation system as well as place few water storage tanks on the property, build nursery for seedlings and raise at least 3 greenhouses to protect crops from extreme winds and sun exposure.

The whole 5 ha farm area has been already fenced in and the soil at the land has been cultivated since the beginning of this year. First crop – cabbage has been succesfully planted before the rain.

We are calling all the stuards of the land to action! Join the movement and support the small scale farmers in whatever way you can. Grow organic garden, buy fresh vegetable produce locally, volunteer few hours of the week at the local farm or support any new developing farm financially by sending donation. Together we can make a difference!

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