Can awareness and renewed creativity save Mother Earth?

  • by katu
  • November 3, 2020

What is going on in the sky right now from the astrology point of view and how is it affecting us all? The blue full moon taking place on October 31st 2020 in Taurus and conjunction with planet Uranus is urging as to step out of the comfort zone, think out of the box and bring out our creative genius. Mercury going direct again on November 3th in Libra is inviting us to have dialogue and make right decisions and choices regarding balance, justice and mutual respect in our relationships. Venus opposite Chiron is pushing us to engage creatively in redesigning the way we live on this planet. This year quite visibly, but also in the subtle ways, we are cutting ties with the past and limited belief systems which no longer serve us.

Is it possible that we can transform our collective suffering through creative projects, which would bring delight and satisfaction to our Souls, rather than feeling hopeless with the current worldly affairs? Can we start doing things differently since the old ways are no longer working? Can we empower our youth to be creative and not afraid of making mistakes, so they can create unique innovative useful and beautiful things and become masters in their chosen field? Watch the video below for more inspiration from Ken Robinson.

“The only hope Mother Earth has for survival is our recovering creativity – which is of course our divine power. Creativity so satisfying, so important, not because it produces something but because the process is cosmological. There is joy and delight in giving birth.”             Matthew Fox

Sir Ken Robinson on creativity

Here at Entabeni Eco Village we support and enjoy creating with nature, using natural materials like wood, plants, clay etc.

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