My name is Lucky Mmokane Kekana, I am from the Elephant Tribe, I am 47 years old living with my wife and partner Katunka Kekana and my 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl (Kghoshi 20 years
old, Gabriel 17 years old and Machi Naledi 7 years old).

I was born during Apartheid in Alexandra Township outside Johannesburg in South Africa. I lived in Khula Dhamma Eco Village in the Eastern Cape ( I am a co-founder of Sahhulube Eco Village NGO and a learning centre located in Mpumalanga province, the centre serves as a corner stone for development in the region facilitating permaculture courses, Eco Village Design Education (EDE), natural building courses, youth camps, life skills education, vision questing and self-inquiries, plant medicine courses, healing ceremonies and community seasonal celebrations, empowering people both locally and internationally to live sustainably and ecologically sound in harmony with their environment.

I am an ambassador and coordinator of Global Eco Village network Africa ( I have been involved with community work for past 27 years.

I have been playing basketball since the age of 17, first as a player and later at the age of 19 I worked for Miles and associates International, empowering the communities in South Africa through sports and life skills (HIV awareness, parental planning etc.), I was also educating and motivating youth, couches and school teachers and building community centres in all provinces with Love Life.

For 11 years I worked for National Basketball Association (NBA) Basketball without borders Africa (BWB camps) as a head of logistics.

I speak 10 South African Languages. I have traveled the continent and the world learning and teaching history of traditional cultures.

I was trained in permaculture with Bill Mollison and Jeof Lowton. My most recent work was in Congo with the indigenous people called Batwa Pygmies. I was the co-creator of the project of natural development and sustainability.

I enjoy playing drums, meditate, building natural homes, growing food, respecting and working with the land. I have been doing Vision Quests and meditating for 11 years. I have been facilitating plant healing ceremonies for 7 years. It gives me joy doing service for the community and the world.